What workshop attendees say?

I use to allow thoughts to spiral out of control and become very anxious about things. The ‘Stress Packed Off’ course has helped me to control these thoughts and stop or change the way I’m thinking before it becomes a problem.
Lost confidence after having my daughter, the ‘Confidence Unpacked’ course has reminded me that I have the ability to be confident when I return to work. The greatest difference for me is learning to be aware of my thoughts and stop being negative towards myself.
Before I started the ‘Goals Unboxed’ course had no friends and was miserable, now I have hobbies and friends and am so much more happier with my life and I can meet my goals, These courses have changed my life.
Before the ‘Assertiveness Wrapped Up’ course I didn’t feel confident enough to voice my opinions and tell people how I feel and negotiate what I want. I feel confident enough to do so now.
When I started ‘Working with Me’ I was very unsure about myself and had no idea what I wanted to do with my future or what job I wanted to do, this course has helped me get to know my strengths and weaknesses now I know want to work in care and now I have a job in care.
During the ‘Working with Them’ course I have found out a lot about myself and what I like and don’t like, how to respond to others in a helpful and positive way but also to take ideas from others and use them to help me change for the better.
I have enjoyed the ‘About You’ course and learnt a lot about looking at things from my daughters view. And as for giving her more choices I now do that on a regular basis. I like the problem solving and it helped to look at solving problems.
The ‘About Us’ has increased my awareness of just how much I do in my role as a single parent, the problems we face and the ways in which we can deal with it. I particularly enjoyed the memory box training and building strong foundations, and the social interaction within the class.