What supporting professionals say?

Innervison coaching has truly changed lives of the parents involved. I have observed happier, more confident parents and children as a result of the course. During the Ofsted inspection the lead inspector was very complimentary about the Innervision courses, being professionally facilitated and making a real difference to the lives of local families.

Karen Loftus, Previous Manager at Children centre manager of Branksome and Rossmore

They have delivered specific and relevant sessions, providing inspirational support and guidance for some of our more vulnerable families. Children were more relaxed, parent bond with children improved. Due to the back to back courses you could see the relationship between the parent and child building.

Alex Evans, Previous Manager of Southbourne Children’s Centre (YMCA)

There has been a visible improvement in parents' self-esteem and willingness to take on board different things.

Nikki Dilke, Previous Manager of Old town Ted Webster Parkstone and Nick Garforth – Out Reach worker

Due to the growth of confidence in parents, many now have shown a desire to go back into education, college or part-time jobs. Innervision coaching has shown to change the whole dynamic of the family.

Lynda Dobson, Previous Team Manager for family support and outreach, Stokewood Children

Innervision courses are brilliant. The courses cater to vulnerable people who are not in a good place when commencing the course, however once the programme is completed parents have built up confidence, become more assertive and are able to cope better with stress.

Moya Groves, Previous Lead project worker James Michaels Mother and Baby Unit

Children’s Centre Crèche and Centre workers

I have noticed a positive effect in the children. Parents have positively built on their relationship with their child, they are more confident, organised and on time.

Nicola Martin, Barnardos creche worker at Stokewood Rd, Queens Park and Westbourne children centres.

Bournemouth/Poole Skills and Learning

Innervisison coaching is brilliant and helpful, I heard positive feedback with reports from the managers always being excellent

Amanda Brown, Previous Assistant Curriculum Manager for Skills and Learning at Bournemouth and Poole

Some learners from Innervision coaching courses have gone on to join other adult learning courses including qualification courses that can help with developing skills needed for gaining employment. I would certainly recommend the Innervision Coaching courses to other parents and services who support parents. They would also be very beneficial for supporting the unemployed, under-employed and those without stable employment.

Sarah Rice, Curriculum Manager for Vocational and Professional Development

Innervision coaching focuses on parents who are most vulnerable, hard to reach and require work to progress. Those who attend the coaching demonstrate better social skills, confidence, understanding of their behaviour and how this impacts on their child

Dan Parker, Community learning manager/ Assistant curriculum manager