Interpersonal skills programmes

Working with Me

Working with Me

Opportunities exist in work, education, volunteering and in the wider community. If we want to take advantage of these opportunities we first need to know how to work with ourselves in order to maximise our potential.

This course demonstrates how to

  • Self-manage
  • Create opportunities
  • Perform to potential

Participants learn to

  • Create a personal psychological profile - detailing their learning styles, neurological preferences, values and interests, strengths and weaknesses
  • Set balanced goals which match their needs and preferences
  • Challenge limited thinking
  • Develop opportunities and connections
  • Read body language and create positive signals
  • Manage time, stress responses and assertive behaviour
  • Self-motivate and energise
Working with Them

Working with Them

Working, studying or volunteering with others can be very rewarding but it can also have its challenges. This course is all about developing valuable interpersonal skills which can help to create a positive and productive learning or working environment.

These course demonstrates how to

  • Communicate better with others
  • Develop teamwork strategies
  • Get the best from the self and others

Participants learn to

  • Select roles which match their personality and skills
  • Develop knowledge around roles, responsibilities and co-operation
  • Communicate appropriately with others within a formality range
  • Assess authority relationships
  • Develop active listening and conversational skills
  • Be aware of their own and others rights to communicate
  • Select information communicated and respond appropriately
  • Accept and respond appropriately to praise, criticism and constructive feedback
  • Develop the skills to self-appraise and appraise others