What is covered in our Box Set packages?

Confidence Unpacked

Confidence unpacked

When we understand how it works confidence becomes a choice.

This course unpacks ‘confidence’ to discover

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • How to get more of it

Participants will learn to

  • Create a positive identity
  • Manage negative thinking and behaviour cycles
  • Manage physical and emotional states
  • Train their body language and signal confidence to others
  • Change perceptions and expectations
  • Have confident conversationsm
  • Stretch comfort zones and take action
Assertiveness Wrapped Up

Assertiveness Wrapped Up

Assertiveness is all about respect and boundaries. When we understand how these operate we have a gift for life.

This course demonstrates how to

  • Wrap up these skills
  • Get confident using them
  • Enjoy the rewards

Participants will learn to

  • Make points confidently
  • Negotiate successfully
  • Set limits and boundaries
  • Say ‘no’ and deal with manipulation tactics and conflict
  • Manage anger and criticism
  • Make confident choices and decisions
  • Say ‘yes’ to opportunities
Stress Packed Off

Stress Packed Off

Some stress can be positive the rest can be more of a challenge.

This course explores

  • What stress is
  • What to do with it
  • How to relax along the way

Participants will learn to

  • Interrupt stress cycles before they escalate
  • Change their reactions to triggers
  • Train their body and mind to relax
  • Manage anxiety states
  • Deal with pressure
  • Create balance
  • Coach themselves and others at times of stress
Goals Unboxed

Goals Unboxed

If we want a different result we need to do something different.

This course demonstrates how to

  • Set positive personal goals
  • Develop the tools needed to achieve them
  • Enjoy the journey

Participants will learn to

  • Choose goals which ‘fit’ their skills, strengths and interests
  • Motivate themselves and take action
  • Train their thinking to find solutions to challenges
  • Understand and overcome their fears
  • Develop creative thinking strategies
  • Manage time
  • Create options and opportunities